Hi, I’m Dorota.

Interior Designer, Pinterest Addict, Maine Coon Lover and MooFounder.

My passion for interior design started at the tender age of five. I thought it would be a great idea to change the colour of my bedroom with permanent markers, without my mother’s consent…it is one my finest project to date.  I strayed off the creative path a little growing up and decided to  study Biochemistry at University, followed by a few years in the research industry.  After the birth of my daughter I decided to take follow my dream and formally set up MooDesignz.

My designer handwriting is modern with a strong bias towards natural colours and elements. I take inspiration from global travels, nature and art and I pride myself on delivering bespoke interior design services suited to any budget. I love pushing boundaries and helping clients develop and express their own personal style throughout their home. My suppliers range from large global well established players through to local boutiques and independent artists alike.

I share my home and work space with my wonderful children and husband, two needy dogs and one very independent cat.

Now that you know something about me, why not take a look at my interior design portfolio?